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Metro do Porto parking

Park & Ride

With this service, parking is available for 12 hours a day at a low cost price, with the advantage that you can travel with the same ANDANTE ticket that you will use to validate your parking entrance.


Occasional Park & Ride – Who occasionally uses the park and travel by public transport, has benefits as a significant cheaper parking charge, when returning to the park in public transport using the same card.
The last validation has to be registered in a different station of where the park is situated.
Price: € 0,95/12 hours (*)

Park & Ride Monthly Pass – For frequently users of the park that travel in the intermodal public transports, using always the same Andante Gold to access the public transports and the parking title every day of the month.
The Andante Gold has the monthly pass of the zones in which you circulate and the Park & Ride monthly pass.
Price: € 17,00/mês (up to a maximum of 12 hours a day*).

Parking – To whom parks without using public transport, the parking charge will be higher and counted every 15 minutes.
Price: € 0,30/15 min.

* Every time your 12 hours parking exceed, you will have to pay the extra time like shown above (€ 0,30/15 min) before exiting. This standard is valid for entries with Occasional Park & Ride and for monthly passes Andante Park & Ride.

Parque Metro Estádio do Dragão

Opened from 5:30 until 22:00, exits are allowed during the hours of Metro do Porto service. 

To use these Park & Ride you just have to validate your Andante (Blue or Gold) in the park entrance or buy it in the entry columns of the park by 0,50€.
Your car stays well parked while you continue your journey with Metro do Porto with the same Andante, avoiding traffic. After the parking payment, to get of the park, you just have to validate again your Andante at the exit.

Park & Ride service in Estádio do Dragão is available for occasional Andante titles or Monthly Park & Ride. 

Metro do Porto assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while operated and/or parked on our parks. Remove your keys and valuables and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended. Valuables if not removed should be secured in the trunk.