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System Metro do Porto

Flexity Swift

The new Metro do Porto vehicle, the Bombardier Flexity Swift, enters into operation in 2009. Company has ordered 30 new compositions, more comfortable, stronger and with more capacity. The Flexity Swift reaches a maximum speed of 100 km/h and is intended to run on Red and Green lines. It is also a more comfortable vehicle, with 100 seats, slightly longer than the Eurotram.

The new Metro family member has air conditioning, areas for reduced mobility passengers and bicycles. It has a multimedia information system, for Metro TV broadcasting. The vehicle is composed of three modules and, as the Eurotram, can be used in dual mode. The modules enable a bigger occupation of passengers per square meter and have bigger double-leaf doors, while the intermediate module offers more seats. The 30 Flexity Swift vehicle join the 72 Eurotram already in use.