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Rights and duties of Metro do Porto

On the Metro do Porto Network

1. Passenger Ticket

The usage of the Metro do Porto vehicles is reserved for passengers with valid transport tickets only.

Children under the age of 4 may travel for free when accompanied by a person holding a valid ticket.

2. Passenger Access

Passengers who wish to enter the vehicle must give priority to those exiting.

Entry into a vehicle that is clearly full is not permitted.

Passengers should not remain by the doors, preventing or hindering the entrance or exit of other passengers.

3. Priority Seats

On the Metro do Porto network some seats are preferentially reserved for disabled people, pregnant women, the elderly or children; these seats are duly identified.

4. Transport of Objects and Animals

The transport of objects and animals aboard the trains on the Metro do Porto system is only permitted in the following terms:

Bicycles may only access the train via the rear door. The owner of the bicycle is fully liable for any accident resulting from the transport of the same.
Unless possessing special written authorisation, which is reserved for exceptional cases (i.e. guide dogs), only small household pets transported inside a basket are permitted to travel on the Metro do Porto network.

5. Lost and Found

All objects found on the Metro do Porto network must be handed over to staff and may be claimed by their rightful owners up to a week afterwards at the Lost and Found service of the operating company, which is located at its headquarters.

6. Conditions of Carriage

To read the conditions of carriage, click here.