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System Metro do Porto

The Metro do Porto in Numbers

Metro do Porto is one of the largest light rail networks in Europe.
These are the most relevant numbers of the system.

Total railroad extension


Total extension of Metro do Porto tunnels

  • 6lines compose
    the network of
    Metro do Porto
  • 102vehicles
    belong to
    Metro do Porto fleet
  • 7districts
    the network
  • 9000people can be
    per hour and per line
  • 12Kcars stopped
    circulating because of
    Metro do Porto
  • 55Ktones of CO2
    emissions are prevented
    every year
  • 81,2%the client
    satisfaction level
  • 60%of the clients have less
    than 35 years old
  • 30%of clients are
  • 82are the stations
    of Metro do Porto
  • 14stations are
  • 553cultural events
    were organized
    in Metro do Porto stations
    in 2017
  • 33years old
    is the medium age
    of all users
    of Metro do Porto
  • 62.6million validations
    were registed in 2017
  • 45thousand validations
    were registed in Funicular dos Guindais
    in 2017