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Rights and duties of Metro do Porto

In the Public Troughfare

1. Pedestrians

Pedestrians must NEVER walk along the Metro do Porto line.
The train is extremely quiet and, therefore, pedestrians may not hear its approach.

If it is necessary to cross the Metro line, ALWAYS do so at the pedestrian crossings designated for this purpose. Before crossing the line, check that no train is approaching.
If it is necessary to cross the line close to a station where a Metro do Porto train is stopped, ALWAYS cross the line behind the train and NEVER in front of it.

NEVER step in front of a moving train. In spite of their excellent braking capability, the trains do not stop instantly.

In stations, ALWAYS remain behind the yellow line marked out on the ground.

If you witness an accident, press the emergency buttons present in all stations. The occurrence must then be communicated directly to the network control centre on the intercom. All stations are equipped with video surveillance systems.

2. Motor Vehicles

Drivers of motor vehicles must ensure compliance with the rules and regulations established in the Highway Code, in addition to respect for signs and signals, as being a fundamental and necessary condition for the trouble-free cohabitation of the Metro do Porto and road traffic.

Do not forget that the Metro do Porto trains ALWAYS HAVE PRIORITY over all other vehicles on the road.

Scrupulously comply with all traffic light signals, which are activated by the approaching Metro do Porto trains.
At crossroads and roundabouts, NEVER advance without first ensuring that it is possible to fully transverse the Metro do Porto passageway.

NEVER drive along the Metro do Porto track, only in those areas where it is permitted to cross over the track.
Never cross the track in the crossing areas exclusively reserved for pedestrians.

NEVER stop your vehicle anywhere on the Metro do Porto track.

NEVER park your vehicle anywhere on the Metro do Porto track.