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Privacy Policy

Metro do Porto, S.A. possesses a privacy policy that guarantees the security of all users of this website in addition to assuring security in relation to the handling of users’ data.
All of the collected data is voluntarily and objectively submitted by users. Metro do Porto, S.A. does not process personal data by automated processes. 
No data gathered through this website – via the registration of users, employment applications and information gathering initiatives - shall be made available to third parties under any circumstances and no data shall be used for any purpose other than that indicated when said data was input. 
All users have the right to suspend the services subscribed to through this website, which shall result in the elimination of the respective data from our database. The elimination of registrations must be performed in the corresponding area of the website. 
All registered users have the right to access personal data records for the purpose of updating and/ or rectifying said data. 
If you have any doubts or you require further information, please contact us at