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Metro do Porto freaquent asked questions


How to travel? How to buy a ticket? I lost my wallet – what should I do? Questions and Answers About as Metro do Porto.

  • What’s ANDANTE?

    It’s a card that can be (re)charged with travel titles and can be used in the different public transport operators (STCP, CP and Metro) in Porto Metropolitan area.

  • What do I need to travel?

    An ANDANTE charged with the exact travel title that you need for your journey.
    Remember: You can’t travel with an empty ANDANTE!

  • In which transport operators can I travel with ANDANTE?

    ANDANTE can be used in:
     - Metro do Porto
     - STCP
     - CP Porto
     - Some Valpi bus lines
     - Some Espírito Santo bus lines
     - Some Maia Transportes bus lines
     - Some E. T. Gondomarense bus lines

  • Where I can buy and / or charge the ANDANTE?

    You have always a wide network of sales to do it.
     - Andante Shops (in several stations of Metro do Porto and CP)
     - Automatic Machines (in all the stations of Metro do Porto)
     - Service posts STCP
     - Ticket sellers CP with ANDANTE sale
     - Mobility Centre
     - Payshop Agents and Post Offices
     - Road Private Operators Terminals

  • If I load 2 titles in my blue ANDANTE Blue can I travel with another person?

    Blue ANDANTE can be used only by one person each time.

  • Can my ANDANTE be used by other people?

    Blue ANDANTE is not personalized, so, it can be used by anyone.
    But do not forget: Each card can be used by only one person each time.
    ANDANTE Gold is personalized, so it can be used only by his holder.

  • What kind of cares should I have with my ANDANTE?

    ANDANTE has an electronic circuit in its interior so it must be preserved carefully without folding, marking or wetting.

  • Do I have to buy a new ANDANTE every time I travel?

    All ANDANTE are rechargeable. Do not throw them away after your journey is ended.
    If you use the blue ANDANTE, you can recharge it with how many titles you want to and how many times you want to.
    If you use the ANDANTE Gold, you can travel freely inside the zones previously selected. You can use that same card to recharge your pass every month.

  • How much does the ANDANTE card costs?

    Blue ANDANTE costs 0,60 EUR
    ANDANTE Gold 6,00 EUR

  • Is there more than one kind of ANDANTE?

    There is the blue ANDANTE for occasional use (like a ticket) and ANDANTE Gold, used for regular transportation (like monthly passes).

  • Where I can travel with ANDANTE?

    ANDANTE offers all the mobility in 10 districts that are waiting for you: Oporto, Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia, Maia, Vila do Conde, Póvoa do Varzim, Trofa, Gondomar, Valongo and Espinho.
    You just have to choose a public transport that uses ANDANTE.

  • When should I validate ANDANTE?

    Before beginning your travel, when you change line or transport. Both occasional and signature ANDANTE cards must be always validated. You can validate it, at most, with 10 minutes of antecedence before beginning the travel.
    Not doing it will provide you a fine of 95 EUR.

  • Where can I validate the ANDANTE?

    Use the existent validators in the stations of metro and trains.
    In buses, use the existent validators in the entry of the vehicle.

  • Do I have to validate ANDANTE, even with a monthly pass?

    You must ALWAYS validate your ANDANTE no matter what kind of card you have.

  • How should I validate the ANDANTE?

    Get the ANDANTE closer to the validator in a distance never more than 10 cm away of the black circle.
    If it lights green, the validation is correct. Hear one long beep and read in the validator your card balance.
    If it lights red, the validation is not correct. Hear three short beep and read in the validator the error message.
    While validating you can read the message that appears on the screen of the validador. You just have to hold a little longer the ANDANTE in front of the black circle, while validating.

  • Am I paying more if I validate more than once the ANDANTE?

    Don’t be afraid to try to validate several times your ANDANTE.
    After the first correct validation, it will only be deducted a new title of travel when the time allowed of your 1st validation expires.

  • What happens if the ANDANTE is not validated?

    Validating is compulsory! Not validating is an unnecessary risk.
    The Inspection is attentive to the breaches. Avoid paying a penalty up to 95 EUR.
    For more information about the penalties in force, consult the related public operator.

  • Is it necessary to take the ANDANTE off my wallet to validate it?

    No, that is not necessary. However, it’s advisable to do it if you have more than one ANDANTE in your wallet. Otherwise, any of the ANDANTE tickets can be validated or might validate the ANDANTE that you didn’t want to.

  • How do I identify the ANDANTE zones?

    The ANDANTE zones are always designated by the letters N, C and S followed with a number.
    The letter N represents all the zones that are north from the axle IC 24, letter C represents all the zones that are between the IC 24 and Douro River and letter S represents all the zones that are south of Douro River.

  • How do I count the ANDANTE zones?

    In monthly passes, it is enough to see which zones you need and how many are they, to use the public transports that you intend to use.
    With occasional titles, you must know which zone it’s going to begin your travel (place of the first validation), and which zone you want to go, the course that you are going to make and the zones what you need to cross.
    Then, you only need to choose what kind of title you need (Z2, Z3, Z4 …).
    Always confirm that you are crossing the zones that you have selected for that trip.

  • Are there any differences between C2 and Z2?

    C2 is the ANDANTE identification zone in Porto. For example: C2 identifies the zone between Ramalde and Senhora da Hora, C3 identifies the zone between Vasco da Gama and Senhor de Matosinhos, S8 is between Jardim do Morro and D.João II, etc. (see more in Metro do Porto map).
    Z2 represents the zone range of an ANDANTE ticket, which allows you to travel. For example if you want to travel from Senhora da Hora (C2) to Trindade (C1) you have to buy a Z2, because C2 plus C1 makes two zones.
    If you want to travel from Aeroporto (N10) to Trindade (C1) you have to buy a Z4, because between N10 zone and C1 zone, you have to cross C5 zone and C2 zone, so, N10 + C5 + C2 + C1 = 4 zones (Z4). (See more in Metro do Porto map)

  • Is it indifferent to buy a travel title Z4 or 2 travel titles Z2?

    The 2nd title of travel Z2 will be deducted only when the time defined for the 1st title expires.

    For a course between Trindade and Aeroporto, the correct title to be used is a Z4.
    So, if you use a Z2 title to travel between Trindade (C1) and Senhora da Hora (C2) (maximum range you can use the Z2, since you have already crossed two zones and are on the border of the third), it hardly passed around 15 minutes. In other words, a Z2 allows you to travel for one hour, only when that one expires you can validate the next title you have in your card, so, they are still lacking 45 minutes to finish the validity of the 1st title initially validated in Trindade.
    So, if you try to validate the 2nd title Z2 to follow up to Aeroporto, it will not be deducted and you will be travelling illegal. The 2nd Z2 title will only be deducted if it had already passed 1h after the 1st validation. If you don’t want to wait, you can validate another card loaded with another Z2 title, or just load your card with a Z4 to begin with.

  • What are the transport titles that I can load in the blue ANDANTE?

    You can load your blue ANDANTE card with occasional titles as single titles and Andante 24 titles.

  • What are the transport titles that I can load in Andante Gold?

    You can load your Andante Gold with monthly titles: Monthly and monthly Andante10/16.
    It is also possible to load your Andante Gold with occasional titles (single travel titles and Andante 24 titles), like blue Andante.

  • Does a travel title only give to travel once?

    You can travel how much want, respecting the limits of the title zone and of time defined for it.
    Example: if you buy a Z2 title, it is possible to travel for an hour, in the zone which the travel begins (1st validation) as well as in all others that are in its border. Whenever you make a validation inside that same hour, another travel title is not deducted.
    You will not be spending titles, just using the travel time that still remains in it!

  • Do I have to interrupt my journey if the duration of my travel title expires?

    What matter is the hour and the zone of the 1st validation. You have a limit to validate the title for the last time, before another travel title is deducted. In fact, the travel duration is the time counted between the 1st validation and the last validation that you do in the same journey.
    Example: if you have a Z2 title (valid for an hour), you can validate it for the last time at 59 minutes and 59 seconds and continue the journey to your destiny. In this case, the last validation that you did is still in the limit of the hour that imposes the travel title Z2, so you don’t need to interrupt your journey.

  • Can I travel with a monthly pass everywhere?

    A monthly pass is valid only in the zones that you have chosen in the act of the purchase or renovation and not in other zones.

  • Can I change the type of Andante signature whenever I want?


  • What are the necessary documents for the emission of a monthly pass?

    You have to take with you your ID card.

  • Where can I consult the balance of my Andante?

    To know what’s in your Andante, you can go to an Andante Shop or kiosk or can use the automatic vending machines in the stations, to use them is very simple, and you just have to introduce the card in the groove and read the message that appears in the screen.